Translating the Value of Advice to Consumers

Translating the Value of Advice to Consumers

Steve Gazzard

It’s an incredibly exciting time for financial planning. A growing profession recognised by government and regulators as offering tremendous value to consumers at a time when they've never needed more help, guidance and advice. There seems to be an acceptance that Financial Planning must be experienced to be understood.

This is why events such as the Festival of Financial Planning are so exciting; it’s an opportunity for the entire profession to come together to share ideas and see how others overcome these important issues. How do we convey the true value of financial planning to consumers who have yet to experience it?

One financial planner described the issue to me recently as ‘what clients love/value about our service is not what they came to us for’. Brett Davidson and Paul Armson have considered this subject more than most and describe it as ‘helping people to align their financial assets with their important life goals, to provide security and peace of mind’ and ‘ensuring that clients can live the life they want without fear of ever running out of money - or dying with too much!’ respectively.

It sounds simple to work out what you want from life, and spend your money accordingly, but for many people it needs facilitation, challenge and expertise from a professional.

Ultimately, the opportunity is there for firms and individual planners to make a profound difference in the life of clients. The Festival will be a great way to share ideas and best practice, develop skills & competencies, build knowledge, and review new systems and tools.


Festival Programme

Please note, all times and locations are subject to change. To build your own personal schedule using the Personal Planner tool, simply book onto the event, then visit your My Events and click ‘View event details’, or download the PFS Events app and view the Festival programme there. Please note that the planner tool is purely to help delegates plan their attendance - there is no requirement to add any session to your personal schedule in order to attend.